In France, 65 000 new cases of prostate cancer are detected each year, as well as 20 000 prostatectomy procedures. These procedures can lead to incontinence.

To make up for this, Asept InMed Shop offers you the Pacey Cuff™ : a product for men, ensuring a whole day without leakage1 throughout your activities. Its design, rewarded for its innovation, ensures a painless, discreet and suitable for everyone2.

Its advantages? Pacey Cuff™ is an ecological, economical, discreet and hygienic solution that helps in rehabilitation. Rediscover life as you have always loved it!


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3 million women will experience bladder weakness in their lifetime, 50% of them due to stress urinary incontinence. This type of leakage occurs when you cough, scream, run, jump, sneeze...

Uresta® is the new solution to fight stress urinary incontinence. Named the 2016 Product of the Year in Canada, this innovative device can be worn all day long, without having to remove it to urinate. 75% of women observe a significant reduction or complete stop of leaks and 72% recommend it to a friend1!

In figures, this represents more than 1 000€ in average savings over the course of a year thanks to its long service life (1 year)1!